July Minutes EPIC meeting

All members were in attendance, except for Andy F. Welcome to new member, Shawn, who attended his first meeting as a Club member. All paperwork was signed and initialed by each member for Shawn’s admittance. The meeting began with a review of the importance of using the new website for both stock updates and sector reports. This will free up more time for education and pitching during our meetings, especially since we are growing. The Vice President provided that the Club is down 3% for the year, with the poorest performing stocks of F, MTL, and VE. The President provided the Club with a few new rules that must be followed; no one in the Club can own 25% of the Club and the Club cannot have more that 25% in one particular sector. Also, newer members Bob and Shawn are going to follow a stock. Bob will follow and report on SAM and Shawn will follow and report on BRK-B. Through stock updates, Mike pitched that MTL be sold if it reached $25.00, Andy seconded the pitch. Only two pitches were made during the meeting; CSCO and BRK-B. The Club voted to purchase BRK-B. The Secretary will not be in attendance during the next meeting. The President will take notes and report minutes in her absence.

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