Sector: Energy

Energy Sector

Industry 3 Mo. 6 Mo. 1 Yr.
Oil Well Services & Equipment -4.56% -6.77% +33.49%
Oil & Gas Operations -8.94% -6.65% +23.72%
Coal -24.30% -26.74% -3.98%


The price of Oil has fallen to low 70’s, could be a good opportunity for some of these big name oil companies.   China demand is still growing and demand is high.

Coal has been trending down for the year 2011, with M&A talks and some action.

 Petrohawk (HK) ( natural gas) was one of our clubs first pitched stock. (Voted Down) -BHP Billiton bought for 15B.   I believe more M&A will happen as the year rolls on for natural gas.  The demand is growing.  Watching W&T Offshore (WTI)



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