Stock Research Part I – High Level Data

Stock updates are about updating the club with your own unique analysis of your stock’s current events and performance data.  I understand some may be apprehensive about this analysis; fearing they may be wrong, not knowing where to look for information, or not knowing what is relevant.  This is the first in a series of posts including sites and data points that I find useful for stock research. I hope it will prove to be useful to those struggling with stock updates.

High Level Data

Monthly price action –

I use Google Finance to report the monthly price action. The default chart is 3 days but if you hover your cursor over the date in the upper left corner of the chart (circled) you are able to customize your date frame. I simply change the start date to our last meeting date and leave the end date today’s date. Google will provide the price change and percent of change to the right of the dates.

Dividend Information –

For complete dividend information, I prefer includes all of the dates (Ex-date, Record Date, Pay Date, and Declaration Date) relevant to a stock’s dividend as well as the current yield, payout, a brief dividend history. Just about anything you would want to update the club on regarding the dividend can be found here.

Earnings information –

My favorite ‘quick and dirty’ source for earnings data is provides an archive of earnings estimates (including the next Q), actual results, dates and estimated dates of earnings releases. As you can see from the graphic, the information not incredibly detailed, but if all you need is earnings results quickly, this is your place. Note that the ‘Earnings Releases’ heading is the second collection of data after ‘Webcasts’ and you may need to scroll down a bit to see it.

Newsworthy Events –

Finviz is not only my favorite site for fundamental stock analysis, but it is also a great new aggregator. Below the fundamentals and analyst upgrade/downgrade sections is where gathers news items for stocks. As shown in the image above, an interesting feature is the addition of the price action of the stock the day the news came out. This can help identify days to focus on for analysis. Note the [$$] before the article means a subscription to read the article is required.

Putting it all together

These 4 areas; Price Action, Dividend Data, Earnings Results, and Newsworthy Events will provide a useful update on the stock for the rest of the members. I urge everyone to use this information to create a post on the stock(s) they follow.

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