$SAM Stock Update

EPIC currently has a fair percentage of our portfolio invested in Boston Beer Company and I must say, I am fairly glad we are. Although the stock seems to rise, then fall, then rise, then fall again (more recently) it is in a gradual incline and it consistently bounces off of the support line.

Although I may be biased in this matter, I would like to add my own bit of personal opinion to the Boston Beer company. There has been a recent surge in craft brewers in these past couple of years and I must say that, being a home brewer myself, I can’t find myself to enjoy such a widely distributed beer like such as those that come in seasonal packs as in many other companies. They truly know how to add a good level of flavor to the beer, using natural ingredients and not overpowering the malt and hops.

On an investment perspective, the company itself does great in marketing themselves as this corporate craft brewer.

With this in mind, I propose we hold on SAM. However, as with all other stocks, I would like to ensure bias and emotion does not overcome and propose a 25% trailing stop on SAM.

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