Month: September 2013

NOC Update

NOC was awarded contracts for Global Hawk, LAIRCM, infrared counter measure product, and a major JTEW (Joint Threat Emiter) training simulator for the Air Force, totaling $235 Million.  Recommend Hold.

$MO for September

Will E-Cigs effect big tobacco? E-cigarettes are changing the way people consume tobacco and, overall, offer a much bigger savings than traditional cigarettes. Goldman Sachs provided that e-cigs will account for 10 billion in retail sails over the next few years, which amounts to approximately 10% of total tobacco sales. Altria has chosen not to …

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$SPWR Stock Update

  History: From all-time high in early 2008 of approximately $130/share, SPWR stocks plunged to approximately $40/share that year and further since bottoming out at a mere $3.90 at the start of 2013. In 2013 SunPower was risen some 500%. The US Military recently announced that it will be spending $7 billion in power purchase …

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$WFM Stock Update

WFM gears itself up to appeal to the middle and lower classes. Whole Foods has been criticized for its pricey food, catering to well-off non-price-conscious shoppers. However, the company has plans to open a store in low income neighborhood in the south side of Chicago in 2016. The company plans to rely more heavily on its cheaper …

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$COST Stock Update

69 million cardholders If you make the average household size to be around 2.5 people, then cardholders represent 23% of all households across the eight counties it has warehouses August sales – 4% increase in comparable sales over August of last year (beat analysts’ expectations of 3.8%) 7% increase in revenue in August 4th quarter …

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