$SPWR Stock Update

Poor performance by SunPower over the last month, down nearly 13%. Apparently biogas may be making a comeback that is hurting the solar industry as a whole.

This week SunPower sold 70 MW of concentrator cell packages to a joint venture in China, part of 120 MW of projects the venture is building there. Not only is this a step into the Chinese market, it’s a major step for concentrator solar. A solar concentrator uses lenses to take a large area of sunlight and direct it towards a specific spot by bending the rays of light and focusing them (similar to the act of using a magnifying glass to fry ants).

Sunpower signed a deal for financing their residential solar lease program. This program provides lease finance options for customers that want to use SunPower’s solar systems – currently 20,000 customers enrolled.

Earnings to be announced April 24th.

I sentiment is to HOLD SPWR. They are a strong player in solar market with continual technological development what will help them stay ahead of the others.

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