$LEA Stock Update

Lear Corp has seen a rather large drop in the last few weeks, coming down from about the $118 mark to $104. The chart looks bad, but don’t let that deceive you – it hasn’t dropped too much considering the market. In fact, it has dropped 5% down just today and that is amidst a rare event where the market shut down, and also after global news of the Greece crisis and the Shang Hai index taking a big hit as well.

Analysts covering the stock still have high opinion of it, and I do too. Over the past 5 quarters, they have beaten analyst estimates, announced a 0.89% dividen on 5/14 (hey, better than nothing), and has a 97.7% institutional ownership which, in my opinion, is a very good thing.

The dip in recent price I don’t think should be affecting Lear, and to me shows signs of an oversold situation, no bad news has come up about it. Currently we are up 43% since our inception with the stock. We will continue to hold this strong stock.

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