$SPWR Stock Update

June 19 Sunpower and First Solar had the IPO for their partnership company, 8point3 Energy Partners (CAFD). Starting share price was $21. CAFD anticipates paying out an initial quarterly distribution of $0.2097 per Class A share, which translates into an annualized yield of about 4.2%

SunPower filled a federal lawsuit against SunEdison. They allege that SunEdison obtained access to proprietary business information from former SunPower employees between 2011 and 2014. Leaked information includes: distribution channel strategy information, market research, sales roadmaps and other highly confidential documents

Upcoming solar projects for the company include a 2MW Henrietta Solar Project in Kings County, CA and a 22 MW contract with Kern High School District (27 district sites).

EP Cud purchased SPWR at 22.24 (Up about 20%). The Merrill Lynch price objective is $42

The stock has been a bit volatile since the 8point3 IPO but the future are still looking bright for SPWR. HOLD for now

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