$TSLA Stock Update

Tesla has been on an absolute tear for the past two months. Very glad that we decided to continue to hold even though things continued to look lack luster for the stock with lots of talk, not a lot of actual technicals.

The big push up, we’ve seen a 22% rise in our shares in TSLA since last month. A lot of the push came from CEO Elon Musk announcing how they will be looking to actually pull a profit this year, which they haven’t yet in all previous quarters.

That began a bit of an uptrend, but really what’s launching it now is the Model 3 launch is getting tons of press with it’s huge launch and seeing orders at (or above now) 325,000. The preorder and continual showing from Tesla has earned some cred to investors as they believe themselves to be a long term company – which, with how big they are now, they definitely are.

We will continue to hold our Tesla stocks as our cost basis for it right is very low.

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