Month: March 2017

$IPGP Stock Update

2016 Q4 earnings release: Earnings per share $1.39, up 22% from the year-earlier quarter beating estimates Increased 2017 Q1 estimates $1 billion in sales for the first time Sales of $280.1 million increased 25% year-over-year Continued strength in materials processing Needham & Co analyst called the Q4 report “stellar” and increased the price target to …

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$NOC Stock Update

Shares have added nearly 8% since earning, outperforming the market. Heavy growth is expected in the Middle East in the year to come. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have embarked on new initiatives to transform their economies. The Street declared a target price of $292 2017 Guidance: Northrop Grumman expects revenues of $25 …

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$JPM Stock Update

Bank stocks have been rallying due to the expectation of another interest rate hike this month. The rate hike will aid top-line expansion for banks, making way for improved results in the quarters ahead. An increase in interest income is anticipated for banks. Domestic economic growth expected will also support their financials. JPMorgan intends to …

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$EA Stock Update

Doing very good as of late. EP Club is up 19% in total. Jump in early February due to a big increase in volume, possibly from hype from the Superbowl? The company is looking very strong for the year to come with increasing earnings and decreasing of its losses in recent quarters. HOLD