How to add a new post to


  1. Login with your username and password and it brings you to the dashboard pageUntitled
  2. There are two primary navigation links that you will need from the left navigation panel: Posts and Media.


  1. From the ‘Posts’ page you can view the ‘All Posts’ or ‘Add New”.
  2. To add a new post go Posts > Add New. From here you enter the post editor window. Relevant things you need to know is this window include:
    a. Post Name (example): $NOC Stock Update
    b. Category: Stock Update
    c. Featured Image: here is where you choose the image that you want to go along with the post from the Media Library, likely the     company logo. If the image that you need is not yet available in the Media Library there are instructions on how to add it below
    d. Use the text box the write your stock update text
    e. In case you would like to add the stock chart to your post add the following text and replace “IPGP with your ticker in the two places in the text:
    “<imgclass=”alignnone”title=”IPGPChart”src=”” alt=”” width=”700″ height=”340″ />”



  1. From the ‘Media’ page you can view the ‘Library’ of images (i.e. in each stock update we use a features image that shows the company name and logo, these images are in the Library).
  2. For adding new images go to Media > Add New. A simple drag and drop allows you to add an image that you can use later.

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