Month: October 2018

$IPGP Stock Update

Unfortunately IPG is down some 39% for the quarter. The fiber-optic equipment market has been volatile ever since tarrif war started, and will most likely stay volatile until it is over. IPGP fell 11% in September had nearly no news of its own last month, but the stock plunged anyway due to rumblings elsewhere in the fiber-optic equipment sector. Early October …

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$EA Stock Update

  EA is unfortunately down some 25% over quarter, however the club is still up 43%. Earning are going to be released on Oct 30th, which they are expected to beat. EA has topped estimates by 173.62%, on average, in the last two quarters ($0.26 compared to $0.06 per share and $1.15 compared to $1.31 per share). EA announced …

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$RNG Stock Update

  RNG is down 15% over the last month. Their flagship service, RingCentral Office, allows businesses to maintain multiple telephone numbers and/or extensions without purchasing or maintaining any equipment or hiring additional staff. RingCentral’s services are sold on a subscription basis, which makes their revenues “sticky.” Once a business establishes service, acquires phone numbers – which …

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