Stock Updates

Any news on current EPIC holdings is to be put into this category.

$COST Stock Update

I don’t have a whole lot to add about COST other than it is kicking butt. The trend is beautiful, consistent upward momentum above it’s SMA20, and at times bouncing off. We will continue to hold COST.

$ETSY Stock Update

Etsy is up 27% for the quarter. Active buyers up 90% YOY, also 61% increase in repeat buyers and a 115% gain in habitual buyers. Gross merchandise sales per active buyer hit a record $129, a 22% year-over-year gain this quarter “ETSY, ROKU and TTD to be 10-baggers by 2035” – Motley Fool HOLD

$RNG Stock Update

Unwarranted 20% decrease for the quarter. Despite the perceived need for RNG tech decreasing with a return to work post-COVID, earning in May were quite positive: revenue rose 32% year over year to $352 million 34% increase in subscription revenue adjusted profits of $0.27 per share were 42% higher than the $0.19 last year. beat …

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